Australia’s Pacific National Leases Two Floors in Keppel REIT’s Office at 2 Blue Street

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The Arcady Boon Keng mrt

In a significant move signaling confidence in the office market, Australia’s Pacific National has secured a lease for two floors in Keppel REIT’s Grade A office building located at 2 Blue Street, North Sydney.

The Arcady Boon Keng mrt situated along the prominent Serangoon Road, this residential development promises to bridge the gap between the bustling city and the serene northeastern region of Singapore.

The Deal

Pacific National, one of Australia’s largest rail freight businesses, has inked a deal to occupy approximately 4,560 square meters of office space spanning two floors in the premium commercial property.

Key Players

Pacific National

Pacific National, a major player in the Australian freight industry, operates an extensive rail network across the country, facilitating the transportation of goods efficiently and reliably.

Keppel REIT

Keppel REIT, a leading real estate investment trust in Asia, owns and manages a diversified portfolio of commercial properties across prime locations, offering sustainable returns to its stakeholders.

Location Advantage

Situated in the vibrant business district of North Sydney, 2 Blue Street boasts excellent connectivity and accessibility, with proximity to transport links and a plethora of amenities, enhancing convenience for tenants and visitors alike.

Strategic Decision

Pacific National’s decision to lease office space in Keppel REIT’s property underscores its strategic vision and commitment to establishing a strong presence in key business hubs, aligning with its growth objectives and operational needs.

Market Outlook

Office Space Demand

Despite challenges posed by the global pandemic, the demand for premium office space remains resilient, driven by evolving workplace dynamics and the need for collaborative environments conducive to innovation and productivity.

Investment Potential

Investors continue to recognize the long-term investment potential of Grade A office properties, viewing them as stable assets offering steady income streams and capital appreciation prospects over time.


1. What is the significance of Pacific National leasing office space at 2 Blue Street?

Pacific National’s lease signifies its confidence in the office market and its strategic expansion plans.

2. How much office space has Pacific National leased?

Pacific National has leased approximately 4,560 square meters spanning two floors in the building.

3. Who owns 2 Blue Street?

2 Blue Street is owned by Keppel REIT, a prominent real estate investment trust in Asia.

4. Where is 2 Blue Street located?

2 Blue Street is situated in North Sydney’s bustling business district, offering excellent connectivity and amenities.

5. What drives the demand for premium office space?

Evolving workplace dynamics and the need for collaborative environments drive the demand for premium office space.

6. Why do investors view Grade A office properties favorably?

Investors recognize Grade A office properties as stable assets with steady income streams and potential for capital appreciation.


Pacific National’s lease agreement with Keppel REIT reflects confidence in the resilience of the office market and underscores the strategic importance of well-located, premium office space in supporting business operations and growth initiatives. As businesses adapt to evolving work dynamics, investments in Grade A office properties continue to offer long-term value and potential returns for investors, contributing to the overall stability and vibrancy of the commercial real estate sector.

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