The Orchard Boulevard GLS site launched for tender creates quite the buzz in the real estate market!

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The mixed-landed stratum complex has 81 dwellings altogether on a plot of land that is slightly under 137,000 square feet


Why All the Hullabaloo About the Orchard Boulevard GLS Site?

The sprawling green paradise at Orchard Boulevard has thrown its gates open for the GLS site tender. This isn’t just any regular news folks – it’s the talk of the town, promising a bold new venture in one of Singapore’s prime locales.

Orchard Boulevard GLS Site Launched for Tender

Ever wondered what the pinnacle of real estate opportunities looks like? Well, wonder no more! The Orchard Boulevard GLS site sets the stage for an unparalleled property spectacle.

The Allure of Orchard Boulevard

Orchard Boulevard isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy. From ritzy malls to swanky boutiques, the area encapsulates the very essence of luxury.

What’s This GLS Site Anyway?

GLS, or Government Land Sales, is a mechanism where the state offers plots for development. This specific site at Orchard Boulevard stretches a whopping 25,425.4 sq m.

Potential for Development
Developers, hold onto your hats! The potential for this site is boundless, with opportunities for both residential and commercial undertakings.

Reactions from the Bigwigs
Real estate big shots didn’t dawdle in expressing their enthusiasm.

Anticipated Bids
The grapevine suggests a whopping range of bids, with estimates ranging from $2,037 to $2,200 psf ppr.

Why the Frenzy?

Real estate guru, Mark Tan, says, “The Orchard Boulevard GLS site is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. It’s not every day you find such an opportunity.”

From the Horse’s Mouth
Leading developers have hinted at their interest, with some even dubbing it the “jackpot” of land sites.

Significance for Singapore
So, why’s this a big deal for the Lion City?

Boosting the Economy
This tender isn’t just about a plot of land; it’s about propelling Singapore’s economy to new heights.

Fulfilling Residential Demands
With Singapore’s population burgeoning, residential spaces are a must. This site promises to cater to this ever-growing demand.

Bidding Process Insights
Dying to know how the entire shebang will work out?

Tender Duration
Time is of the essence! The tender for this site will be open until Dec 13.

Evaluation Criteria
It’s not just about the highest bid. The government will evaluate based on concepts, innovation, and sustainability.

Announcement of Winners
The lucky developers will get their Christmas present early, with winners announced on Dec 20.

Future Prospects
Gaze into the crystal ball, and what do you see?

Rise in Property Value
With the launch of this site, Orchard Boulevard’s real estate value is poised for an unprecedented hike.

A Buzz in the Property Market
Property aficionados predict a ripple effect. The launch will stimulate more interest and growth in nearby regions.

FAQs on the Orchard Boulevard GLS Site Tender
What exactly is a GLS site?
GLS stands for Government Land Sales. It’s an initiative where the government offers plots of land for developmental purposes.

Where is this GLS site located?
Nestled in the heart of Singapore, it’s at Orchard Boulevard.

How long is the tender open for?
Mark your calendars! It’s open until Dec 13.

Who can bid for this site?
Developers with a keen eye for opportunity and the financial might to back it up.

Why is this launch significant?
Apart from boosting Singapore’s economy, it caters to the rising residential demands of its population.

When will the winners be announced?
Stay tuned! Dec 20 is the date to watch out for.


To put it succinctly, the Orchard Boulevard GLS site launched for tender isn’t merely a real estate announcement. It’s a testament to Singapore’s growth, promise, and indomitable spirit. Whether you’re a developer, a property enthusiast, or just a curious soul, one thing’s clear – the future at Orchard Boulevard looks brighter than ever!