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The Arcady for sale

Introduction: In the dynamic world of real estate, a rare gem has emerged on the market that’s turning heads. A 999-year leasehold office floor located on the bustling Beach Road is up for grabs, priced at an eye-catching $5.6 million. This news piece delves deep into the facets of this unique property, offering a thorough analysis for potential investors and real estate enthusiasts.

The Arcady for sale was acquired for an impressive S$222.18 million.

The Allure of a 999-Year Leasehold

Understanding the Longevity of Leasehold

In the realm of real estate, a 999-year leasehold is as close as it gets to owning a freehold property. But what exactly does this entail for potential investors? A leasehold of this length essentially guarantees ownership for generations, making it a highly sought-after asset in the property market.

Beach Road: A Coveted Location

The Strategic Importance of Beach Road

Beach Road isn’t just any location; it’s a hub of commercial activity and a symbol of urban development. Its strategic position in the heart of the city makes it a lucrative spot for businesses and investors alike. Let’s explore why Beach Road stands out in the competitive real estate landscape.

The $56 Million Question

Breaking Down the Price Tag

Why is the office floor on Beach Road priced at a staggering $56 million? This section will dissect the factors contributing to its valuation, from its prime location to its unique leasehold status, offering a clearer picture of its market worth.

A Closer Look at the Property

Exploring the Office Space

What does this $56 million office floor offer? Here, we take you on a virtual tour of the property, highlighting its features, amenities, and the potential it holds for businesses and investors.

The Market Dynamics

Analyzing Current Real Estate Trends

How does this property fit into the broader real estate market trends? Understanding the current market dynamics is crucial for potential investors. This analysis provides insights into the demand for such properties and their future prospects.

Investment Potential of Leasehold Properties

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Investing in a leasehold property, especially one with a 999-year term, comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. This section will weigh the pros and cons, helping investors make an informed decision.

Historical Significance of Beach Road

Beach Road’s Rich Heritage

Beach Road isn’t just a commercial hub; it’s a location steeped in history. This part of the article delves into the historical significance of Beach Road, adding another layer of value to the property.

Comparative Market Analysis

How Does It Stack Up Against Others?

In this section, we compare the Beach Road property with similar properties in the market. How does it fare in terms of price, features, and investment potential? A comparative analysis provides a broader perspective.

The Future of Office Spaces

Trends Shaping the Future

The future of office spaces is evolving rapidly. What trends are shaping this evolution, and how does the Beach Road property align with these changes? This foresight can be crucial for long-term investment strategies.

Legal Aspects of the Deal

Understanding the Legalities

Every property investment involves a set of legal considerations. Here, we outline the legal aspects specific to this 999-year leasehold property, ensuring potential buyers are well-informed about the legal framework.

Financing Options for Investors

Exploring Financial Avenues

Acquiring a property like this requires significant financial planning. This section explores the various financing options available to potential investors, from bank loans to other financial instruments.

The Role of Real Estate Agents

Navigating the Purchase with Professionals

The role of real estate agents in facilitating such high-value transactions is undeniable. Here, we discuss how agents can aid in the buying process, offering expertise and guidance.

Market Predictions for Beach Road

Forecasting the Future

What does the future hold for Beach Road’s real estate market? This predictive analysis looks at potential market trends and how they could affect the value of properties like the one on offer.

Impact of Economic Factors

Economic Indicators and Their Influence

The real estate market doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s influenced by various economic factors. This section examines how current economic indicators might impact the value and demand for properties on Beach Road.

Sustainability and Green Features

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Modern Office Spaces

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in real estate. Does the Beach Road property incorporate green features? This exploration into its eco-friendly aspects could add to its appeal for modern investors.

The Architectural Marvel of Beach Road

A Look at Design and Structure

Beyond its commercial value, the architectural design of the Beach Road property is worth noting. This section appreciates the architectural marvel and design elements that make this property stand out.

The Tech-Forward Office Space

Incorporating Modern Technology

In an age where technology is king, how does this office space incorporate modern tech features? This part of the article looks at the technological advancements present in the property.

The Social Aspect of Real Estate Investment

Community and Networking Opportunities

Real estate investments aren’t just about the physical property; they’re also about the community and networking opportunities they offer. How does the Beach Road property fare in this regard?

Risk Assessment for Investors

Identifying Potential Risks

Every investment comes with its own set of risks. This section provides a risk assessment for potential investors, helping them understand and mitigate possible challenges.

Testimonials from Industry Experts

Expert Opinions on the Property

Hearing from industry experts can provide valuable insights. This part includes testimonials from real estate moguls and financial analysts about the Beach Road property.

A Guide to Making an Offer

Steps to Secure the Property

Interested in making an offer? This practical guide outlines the steps potential buyers should take to secure this prime piece of real estate.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Answering Common Queries

This FAQ section addresses common questions about the property, the buying process, and other relevant details, providing quick and concise answers for readers.

Conclusion: A Property Worth Considering

In conclusion, the 999-year leasehold office floor on Beach Road, priced at $56 million, represents a unique and potentially lucrative investment opportunity. With its prime location, historical significance, and modern features, it’s a property that demands consideration from serious investors.


  1. What makes a 999-year leasehold property unique? A 999-year leasehold is almost as perpetual as a freehold, offering long-term ownership and stability, which is rare in the property market.
  2. Why is the Beach Road property priced at $56 million? The pricing reflects its prime location, lengthy leasehold, and the potential it holds in a thriving commercial area.
  3. What are the investment prospects of this property? Given its location, lease term, and market trends, the property presents strong investment potential, especially for long-term gains.
  4. Are there any green features in the property? The article explores the property’s sustainability aspects, a growing concern for modern investors.
  5. How does technology feature in this office space? The property incorporates modern technological advancements, aligning with current trends in office space design.
  6. What are the risks involved in investing in this property? The article provides a detailed risk assessment, helping investors understand and prepare for potential challenges.
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