Downloadable floor plans and site plan of The Arcady Condo at Serangoon Road, Boon Keng, developed by KSH, SLB & H10

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The floor plans of The Arcady at Boon Keng lay the foundation for unparalleled living experiences, ensuring seamless space utilization, easy movement, and unparalleled comfort for inhabitants.

The Arcady at Boon Keng offers a diverse range of unit types, tailored to cater to varied residential preferences. This includes snug one-bedroom units ideal for singles or couples, right through to expansive four or five-bedroom family units that guarantee spaciousness and a welcoming ambiance. Each floor plan at The Arcady has been intricately designed to optimize space and promote a delightful living environment.

The one-bedroom units at The Arcady are ingeniously designed, catering specifically to individuals or couples seeking a blend of compactness and functionality. Each unit encapsulates living/dining zones, a modern kitchen, bathroom, and a balcony, offering an amalgamation of convenience and intimacy.

For larger family units, The Arcady’s floor plans are crafted with family interactions in mind. Each generously sized unit incorporates spacious living and dining spaces, a chic kitchen, multiple bedrooms (inclusive of a master bedroom with an attached bathroom), shared bathrooms, and potentially a utility or helper’s space. Not to forget, expansive balconies offer residents a private slice of the outdoors.

Every unit in The Arcady is meticulously planned to harness the beauty of natural light and fresh air, granting residents exceptional living experiences enriched by stunning views of verdant landscapes, pristine amenities, and an overall enhanced living milieu.

Communal spaces at The Arcady are conceptualized with the modern dweller in mind. The open-plan living and dining areas, a hallmark of contemporary condominium design, have been specifically integrated to instill a sense of spaciousness and to nurture household camaraderie.

Kitchens in The Arcady resonate with current design sensibilities, replete with top-tier fittings, organized layouts, and the capacity to cater to diverse culinary endeavors. Depending on the unit, kitchens might range from open designs to closed setups or might feature a sealed kitchen with sleek glass partitions.

Balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal, the floor plans at The Arcady showcase clean designs, logical layout constructs, and strategic space deployment, all aimed at molding living quarters into beautiful yet practical habitats.

At The Arcady, accessibility isn’t just an afterthought. Units are designed to promote unobstructed movement, integrating features like broad passageways for wheelchair accessibility, easily reachable countertops, and expansive bathrooms that prioritize both safety and relaxation.

In essence, The Arcady at Boon Keng’s floor plans are sculpted to cater to a diverse array of lifestyle aspirations, ensuring comfort and sophistication at every corner. By harmonizing modern design elements with the specific requirements of residents, The Arcady’s floor plans play a pivotal role in crafting a paradisiacal living atmosphere in the heart of Boon Keng.