The Pinnacle at Duxton apartment sells for $1.393939 million, the second-highest psf for HDB flats

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The Arcady condominium

The Pinnacle at Duxton is still prominent due to its record-breaking transactions in resales because of its high demand and the prime spot within Tanjong Pagar. This month, a 4 room 1,011 square feet unit in Block 1B Cantonment Road set a new record for the highest ever per-square-foot (psf) cost for an resale HDB flat. It was offered for sale at $1,394 per square foot. The property was purchased at $1.41 million.

The Arcady condominium is developed by the award-winning KSH Holdings Limited.

The following month, another four-room unit of similar size the block 1A Cantonment Road followed suit with the second-highest PSF ever recorded, at $1,378 per square foot. The unit was purchased for a sum that sounded promising, $1.393939 million. The two units are on the top floors, ranging from the 49th and 51st levels and offer expansive panoramas of downtown.

Built and completed in the year 2011, Pinnacle @ Duxton has always been in the leading edge of high-value transactions within the HDB resale market. Up to date, a number of five transactions within this property have exceeded the $1,300 mark for psf and have highlighted the immense interest and worth of properties within this development.

The average resales price at Pinnacle at Duxton have significantly exceeded the initial estimates, increasing by 44% in the time since the minimum occupancy period (MOP) in 2014. This rise is higher than the national average resale HDB price increase of 33% over the same time due to the extraordinary worth and the high demand for properties within this famous development.

Pinnacle @ Duxton’s unique appeal is due the centrality of its location distinctive design and architecture, as well as the high standard of living it provides. The location of the property within Tanjong Pagar is highly coveted because it is close to numerous facilities and the city’s central area which makes it a desirable option for buyers looking to resell their home.

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