Jalan Besar’s Prime Real Estate: A $22 Million Opportunity

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The Arcady condo floor plan

Introduction: Unveiling a Real Estate Gem in Jalan Besar

In the bustling heart of Jalan Besar, a unique real estate opportunity has emerged. A freehold shophouse, boasting both historical charm and modern potential, is now on the market for $22 million. This article delves into the specifics of this property, exploring its features, location benefits, and investment potential.

The Arcady condo floor plan indicating a 2 percent increase from the original guide price set at the tender, highlights the consortium’s dedication to this project.

The Freehold Shophouse: A Blend of Heritage and Opportunity

Historical Significance Meets Modern Appeal

Jalan Besar, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is home to this exquisite shophouse. The property combines the allure of historical architecture with the promise of contemporary development, making it a rare find in today’s market.

Architectural Details and Design

Spanning an impressive area, the shophouse’s architecture is a testament to its historical roots. Its design reflects a blend of traditional motifs and modern functionality, appealing to both aesthetic sensibilities and practical needs.

Location Analysis: Why Jalan Besar Stands Out

The Strategic Position of the Shophouse

Situated in the heart of Jalan Besar, the shophouse benefits from its strategic location. This area is known for its accessibility, vibrant community, and growing commercial activities, making it an attractive spot for potential investors.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Jalan Besar’s connectivity to major transportation hubs and roads adds to the property’s value. The ease of access enhances its appeal to businesses and individuals alike, looking for prime locations in Singapore.

Investment Potential: A Closer Look at the $22 Million Price Tag

Market Trends and Property Value

In the context of Singapore’s thriving real estate market, the $22 million price tag is a reflection of the shophouse’s potential as a lucrative investment. This section analyzes market trends and how they justify the property’s valuation.

Future Prospects and ROI

Investing in this Jalan Besar shophouse could yield significant returns. This part of the article explores the potential ROI, considering the property’s location, unique features, and the upward trend in Singapore’s real estate market.

The Shophouse’s Unique Selling Points

Combining Business with Heritage

One of the unique aspects of this shophouse is its ability to serve as a business premises while retaining its historical charm. This dual functionality is a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Potential for Diverse Uses

The layout and design of the shophouse allow for various uses, from retail to office space, or even as a residential property. This versatility adds to its attractiveness as a real estate investment.

Understanding the Legalities: Freehold Status Explained

What Does Freehold Mean for Buyers?

The freehold status of this property offers buyers complete ownership and control, a coveted feature in Singapore’s real estate market. This section explains the benefits and implications of the freehold status.

Comparing Leasehold and Freehold Properties

Understanding the difference between leasehold and freehold properties is crucial for potential investors. This part compares the two, highlighting why a freehold property like this shophouse is a valuable investment.

Exploring Jalan Besar: A Cultural and Commercial Hub

The Vibrant Community and Lifestyle

Jalan Besar is not just a location; it’s a lifestyle. This section explores the vibrant community, rich cultural heritage, and the bustling lifestyle that the area offers, enhancing the value of the shophouse.

Business Opportunities in the Area

The commercial potential of Jalan Besar is significant. From thriving small businesses to larger commercial ventures, the area presents numerous opportunities for potential investors of the shophouse.

The Future of Jalan Besar and Its Real Estate

Urban Development Plans and Impact on Property

Singapore’s urban development plans have a direct impact on Jalan Besar’s real estate market. This part discusses upcoming projects and how they are likely to influence property values in the area.

Sustainability and Growth in Jalan Besar

The sustainable growth of Jalan Besar is a key factor in its appeal. This section delves into how the area balances development with sustainability, making it an attractive long-term investment option.

FAQs About the Jalan Besar Shophouse and Its Sale

  1. What makes this Jalan Besar shophouse a unique investment?
    • The shophouse’s freehold status, historical significance, and strategic location make it a unique investment opportunity in Singapore’s real estate market.
  2. How does the $22 million price tag compare to other properties in the area?
    • Considering the shophouse’s features and potential, the $22 million price is competitive and aligned with market trends in Jalan Besar.
  3. What are the potential uses for this shophouse?
    • The shophouse can be utilized for various purposes, including retail, office space, or residential use, thanks to its versatile design and prime location.
  4. How does the freehold status affect the property’s value?
    • Freehold status offers permanent ownership, which is highly sought after in Singapore, thus significantly enhancing the property’s value.
  5. What are the benefits of investing in Jalan Besar’s real estate?
    • Investing in Jalan Besar offers benefits like strategic location, vibrant community, and a balance of cultural heritage with modern development.
  6. Can the shophouse be used for commercial purposes?
    • Yes, the shophouse’s design and location make it ideal for various commercial uses.

Conclusion: A Timeless Investment in the Heart of Singapore

The freehold shophouse for sale in Jalan Besar represents more than just a property transaction. It’s an opportunity to own a piece of Singapore’s heritage, to invest in a vibrant community, and to capitalize on the potential of one of the city’s most dynamic areas. With its rich history, strategic location, and versatile functionality, this $22 million property is not just a purchase but a timeless investment in the heart of Singapore.

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